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i think i know what my problem is: i still don't know what "gender" in the feminist/sjw sense really means, cause you've kept it rather vague ... sometimes it's sex, but not all of sex, and some is cultural differences but not all of it obviously but and i'm just like whaaaat ^^ i mean, what exactly is it then?

plus, everytime gender directly is linked to sex, as in merriam-webster's definition ("the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex") i have absolutely no problem with it anyways but that also means there's only as many genders as sexes - meaning two, with rare to very rare exceptions.

the weird transgender identies (and i don't mean transsexuals) i can just as much describe as "personality" instead of whatever the hell this socially constructed sex-unrelated part of "gender" is supposed to be.

if you've got a definition of that - whether written by yourself or an external source - i'd be very thankful.

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