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depression and diet

re: (x)

i agree with the sentiment but nonetheless: start with eating better, mostly meaning lower sugar intake, cause interestingly that will probably make you less tired over all -- maybe providing the small push of motivation needed to start exercising.

also, there's a hedonistic pleasure one can find in eating a bit more healthy, which is not something depression usually obstructs all that much (in my own experience).

as an additional note: you can find nutritional guidelines in ALL directions (more/less carbs, more/less fat, more/less protein, ... ) from various experts who all make completely believable claims - which is infuriating in its own - but i've yet to see someone actually calling for higher sugar intake. quite the contrary! and given the daily reccommendation is at about 30-50g of free sugars per day that's the most reasonable and uncontested point to start improving one's diet i've found so far (plus, your teeth will probably thank you as well).

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