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saw the video earlier and it's actually quite well-made satire. nice to see from what i perceive to be a mostly humorless bunch of sjw-types.

the first mistake is already in the title, though, because what dave rubin, the one being parodied, does is interviewing people, not debating them -- although i wish he did sometimes. same thing goes for roaming millennial, who interviewed richard spencer and discussed the issue with contrapoints thereafter.

personally i think bad ideas do indeed refute themselves but only if you shine light on them and don't let them fester in the dark of the societal underground. granted, what you then have to do as an interviewer is ask the right questions with a critical enough attitude and there's debate to be had if, i.e. dave rubin does that sufficiently. if you don't ask pointed questions and let every statement stand as it is i don't feel like you really "shine light" on questionable opinions.
in short: interviewing nazis? yes - but please do it right.

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